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£ 30

Live - Online - Classroom Training

KPI Management Course

Course Language: English - Turkish

Course Start Date: 22.03.2020 Time CET: 14:00

This Course Includes

3 hours online live training

3 sessions

Real-Life Case Studies

Games + Q&A sessions

Training Feedback Session

Certificate of Completion

What you will learn?

✓ Complete understanding of Key Performance Indicator Management

✓ KPI based corporate and function management

✓ KPI Architecture and tailor-made solutions

✓ KPI reading, understanding and interpreting

✓ KPI Reporting

✓ Basic Excel Dashboard Creation

✓ Basics of Power BI Tool

Important Details

  1. Our classroom training sessions are live and online.

  2. After your purchase, in one working day, we send you an e-mail that includes the link of the online communication tool for the training. 

  3. Training sessions start on time.

  4. The number of sessions are flexible.

  5. Missed sessions do not repeat.

  6. This is not a downloadable product or service.

Course Content

The training covers the following key concepts:

  1. Introduction to the world of Key Performance Indicators

  2. The pillars of KPI architecture
    -KPI selection
    -Activating KPIs
    -KPI documentation

  3. Managing the functions via KPIs.

  4. Data visualization: designing KPI dashboards and scorecards

  5. KPI data gathering and reporting

  6. Generating value with KPIs

  7. Measuring and learning with KPIs

  8. Power BI Tool Introduction

Suggested to

  • Top Management - C Level

  • Middle Management

  • Associates

  • Supervisors

  • Blue Collars


  • Advanced Electronics

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Automotive

  • Chemicals

  • Digital Services


  • Management Consulting

  • Metals & Mining

  • Oil & Gas

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Private Equity

  • Digital Services

  • Financial Services

  • Energy

  • Health

  • Infrastructure

  • Public Sector

  • Telecommunications & Media

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Other

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